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Available Pekingese Puppies 

SOLD - CHARMER - MALE - DOB: 03/08/2021

SOLD - ROMEO - MALE - DOB: 03/08/2021 $1,500.00

SOLD - DARBY - MALE - DOB: 03/08/2021 $1,500.00

SOLD - PRINCE - MALE - DOB: 03/08/2021 $1,500.00

More about Pekingese

Pekingese are compact, stocky toy dogs. The large, short-muzzled head is a wider-than-long “envelope shaped” rectangle, and the eyes are large, dark, and sparkly. A unique feature of Pekes is their effortless “rolling” gait.

Pekes are charming, confident companions who develop a tight bond with their favorite human. Bred to live in palaces, they can be as serenely independent as the emperors who owned them. (They’re “opinionated,” Peke people say.) Ever alert, they make good watchdogs.

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