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Purchase Agreement

The following guarantee from this seller is 7 days no death from infectious disease, 1 year congenital.  With the buyers understanding that after these dates all guarantees are null and void.

The seller guarantees the above puppy against death from infectious diseases, for 7 days from purchase date, with vet verification.(ie: test results, necropsy report etc....).  When death occurs a necropsy is required to verify cause of death. Verification, by the veterinarian, of the microchip number is also required.  All paperwork and test results must be forwarded to me or my vet.  After confirmation from my vet as to the cause of death, the purchase price of the puppy will be returned to the buyer.  Seller must be notified with claim within 7 days from purchase date. 

Seller does not guarantee against coccidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, pneumonia or upper respiratory infections.

The seller also guarantees the above puppy against genetic disorders that threaten the health of the puppy (ie: heart murmur grade III/VI or above, hip dysplasia etc...), for 1 year from date of birth, with verification from a licensed vet (ie: x-rays, reports), and verification from my vet. Seller must be notified within 1 year from date of birth, with any complaints.

The seller does not guarantee against any faults that occur that do not threaten the health and well being of the above puppy (bad bites, umbilical hernias, heart murmur grade II/VI or less, allergies, undescended testicles, luxating patellas, etc.)

For genetic defects, that threaten the health of the puppy, the seller guarantees replacement of puppy, with original puppy returned to the seller, or replacement price of puppy, with puppy returned to seller. With all expenses of returning puppy to seller paid by buyer.  And all original paperwork and registration paper returned to seller.  Replacement puppy will be at the buyer's discretion and of equal or lessor value. 

Under no circumstance will the buyer ever be allowed to keep the above dog and receive money or replacement puppy.  Before any money or puppy is replaced, above puppy and all paperwork will be returned to the seller, except in case of death.  All shipping will be at the expense of the buyer, at no time will the seller be responsible for shipping costs. 
The buyer must have the puppy examined by a certified veterinarian within 3 days
 of receiving and contact seller with results of examination.  If Buyer does not comply, all above guarantees are null and void. 

The seller will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any vet fees for initial care, extended care, treatment or tests of above animal after purchase date.  The buyer is to be responsible for any and all costs incurred.

The limit of the seller's liability is the purchase price of the puppy only, excluding the shipping costs and any vet fees incurred.

The seller is not responsible for the size, confirmation or disposition of this puppy after date of purchase.  It is a purebred dog (unless otherwise specified) as far as the seller is aware and is sold for pet purposes only.  Seller guarantees puppy registration papers on purebred puppies, after receiving payment in full. 

Seller guarantees to have puppy examined by a certified veterinarian and to be in good health before shipping.  A state of Missouri health certificate will be furnished with puppy.

A non-refundable deposit, based on price of puppy and determined by seller on an individual basis, is required to hold puppy of choice.  Balance of payment is due 7 days before shipping. Seller accepts, cash, credit or debit card via PayPal or payment through PayPal account, no personal checks.

If there were to be a legal dispute due to buyer and seller not agreeing, absolutely all legal issues will be dealt with in Lawrence County in the state of Missouri per this guarantee and is subject to Missouri laws only.  Out of state laws are not valid per this guarantee.  All attorney fees and court costs will be the buyer's responsibility.

The Seller does not guarantee the breeding ability of this dog or show quality, this puppy is purchased as pet quality only.

Following are any exclusions to this guarantee: 


The buyer does knowingly purchase this puppy with the following conditions, faults or characteristics.  The seller will not be held responsible for any of the following items now or at anytime in the future.:  


I the undersigned understand and agree to all terms set above, and understand that as purchaser I am the only person with the ability to bring dispute against the seller.

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