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Available Brussells Griffon Puppies 

DELLA - FEMALE - DOB: 01/29/2024  $1,750.00

SOLD - DEXTER - MALE - DOB: 01/29/2024 $1,500.00

DELILAH - FEMALE - DOB: 01/29/2024  $1,750.00

SOLD - DILLON - MALE - DOB: 01/29/2024 $1,500.00

SOLD - DAVEY - MALE - DOB: 01/29/2024  $1,500.00

SOLD - BAXTER - MALE - DOB: 09/17/2022  $1750.00

More about Brussell Griffon

One look into his big, human-like eyes, and you’ll be smitten. Their black muzzle and whiskers earned them the nickname “bearded dogs” in old folk songs.The Griff’s big black eyes—described as “almost human”—coupled with a fringed beard and mustache covering his short muzzle, gives him the air of a worldly, French-speaking philosopher. The Griff’s body is thickset and sturdy, and he moves with the purposeful trot of a fellow who knows what he wants.

Griffs are alert, sociable, and easily trained. Although playful and energetic, their small size and sensitive nature make them a poor choice as roughhousing playmates for kids. They have a low threshold for loneliness and will stick close to their special human, providing years of love and laughter.

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